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Polls for People Who Are Tired of Polls: Hot Hot Hot

A few of you are like me -- sick to death of all the preseason polls and prognostications. All of us are getting tired of waiting for that Vandy @ Miami(OH) kickoff at 7 PM Eastern next Thursday, when SEC football finally gets underway. (For those who have stopped by who aren't primarily ESS-EEE-SEE SPEEEEEEEEEEED types, replace "SEC" with "NCAA" and roll with it. Keep the game the same though; it's the only one that appears worthwhile for non-alums.)

Anyway, the point is this: the "official" pollsters have had their fun. They've come up with their schmancy preseason polls that have only one meaning in life: to give them a reason to keep Auburn out of a MNC game so they don't feel so bad about ranking them too low to start the season. As a counterpoint, everybody else (RTT included) is busy releasing polls to explain exactly why the "official" polls are screwed up and need to be demolished. Somewhere around week 6, we'll begin taking these things seriously and all will be well. But until then (actually, until the first game), we're stuck in the land of no-event newschasing where all the journalists keep their little typing muscles in shape by bringing us all the predictions they'll never mention at the end of the season. (Gee, wouldn't you love to trust these guys to pick your Powerball numbers? Or better yet, your Fantasy Football team?)

Soooo . . .

Let's have a little fun. Rather than creating yet another boring old top 25 ranking, I've created a new poll. This is one for anybody to answer. You can only pick one, unfortunately. The poll question is:

What potential upset would be as shocking as the Appalachian State - Michigan fiasco awesomeness?

Michigan vs Appalachian State 2007 (via code05)

(But don't forget about this!)

Dream away, impatient one. Which game(s) from this list would give you the greatest joy (or grief) and would cause bloggers for the respective teams to post things like this? Or this, or this, or this, or this? (Thanks to Brian Cook of MGOBlog for such a wonderful display of angst, may I never understand the feeling. Shame on Brian, though, for conveniently losing the live game comment thread after upgrading his website. That was perhaps the most brilliant display of the Michigander command of the monosyllabic English language ever assembled. The Psychology department at Stanford would have loved to study it, by the way.)

Moderated by some guy from Ohio, naturally

And while you're at it, have you noticed how many creampuffs that Ohio State has on its schedule? Southerners may love their sweet tea, but Buckeye fans' appetite for chocolaty sweet breads surpasses all.