Really? When is the NCAA just going to let the kids play?

I hate to see guys get hurt, but i feel like the NCAA just continues to try a critique there rules only to change their minds a year later. Can we just leave the game alone? It seemed to be working fine before.

Specifically i want to know you guys thoughts on this new 40 second clock. I smell some post-game press conference remarks come sometime in october when people figure out this opens up the door for ugly and anticlimactic 9 minute drives. Teams like west virginia and Ohio State should pick up on the ball control possibilities real fast and understand that this seriously diminishes the opportunity for big time upsets in college football. I can just here ron zook with one of those "if it wasn't for...we would have won" remarks

Who knows maybe Michigan headed up the whole ordeal so they wont have to throw the ball but just a few times against chance for that whole appalachian state thing again

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