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14 things I'm looking forward to this season

A few things I'm looking forward to seeing this season:

  1. Dennis Rogan, Eric Berry, and Demetrice Morley joking and celebrating in the end zone after Berrry, Morley, and others spring Rogan loose on a punt return and Rogan finally gets past the punter as well.
  2. Eric Berry leveling some poor, unsuspecting offensive-player-turned-defender as Demetrice Morley intercepts a pass for a touchdown.
  3. Demetrice Morley leveling some poor, unsuspecting offensive-player-turned-defender as Eric Berry intercepts a pass for a touchdown later in the same game.
  4. Gerald Jones and Eric Berry lined up in the offensive backfield together. Run both the G-Gun and the Wild Berry at the same time and you have something similar to West Virginia's Pat White and Steve Slaton of last year: two guys with speed, moves, and "it." Either one of them could get the ball and blast off in any direction, and the defenders wouldn't know which way to go until they were already gone.
  5. The defensive line, aided by the smothering secondary, restoring disorder to opponents' backfields.
  6. The Incredible Flipping O-Line utilizing its experience, talent, and innovative mismatch exploitation scheme to dominate rivals' defensive lines and give Arian Foster and the other running backs a head start.
  7. Watching Florida having to adjust to an offense it knows nothing about.
  8. Brandon Warren dragging two or three defensive backs down the field as they try to tackle him after he's caught a pass over the middle of the field. Over and over and over again.
  9. Jonathan Crompton sprinting down the field to celebrate with his teammates after they score a touchdown together.
  10. Jonathan Crompton scrambling for a first down. How long has it been since we've seen something like that?
  11. Arian Foster getting his 650 or so yards to become Tennessee's all-time leading rusher.
  12. Gerald Jones bringing some dynamism to an already-solid receiving corps.
  13. Rico McCoy making another player-sized and -shaped crater.
  14. More complaints from opponents about Tennessee being too tough.

How about you? What are you looking forward to?