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In 15 years, Todd Blackledge will weigh 400 pounds: Talking Points

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  • Funny, this world. Brandon Warren will pick up for Tennessee right where he left off for Florida State -- against UCLA in California. Huh.
  • Stop asking about my groin. Chris Walker, who missed most of last week with a pulled groin, is back to full-speed. He and Ben Martin have apparently "mov[ed] into prominent roles in the two-deep this fall."
  • Yeah, so. Okay. Cornerback Brent Vinson and defensive tackle Donald Langley aren't going to class. They aren't going to UCLA, either. Vinson's apparently lost the discipline he found while at Hargrave Millitary Academy. Folks are all too often like rubber bands -- you can stretch them, but they tend to return to their normal state -- but that's not always the case. Some do change for good. Here's to hoping this is just a brief relapse for Vinson, who Larry Slade earlier this fall called the best athlete on the team.
  • Here comes Ramone. Ramone Johnson is sneaking up on offensive tackles Chris Scott and Ramon Foster, even getting some snaps with the ones during last Thursday's scrimmage. The o-line looks to be not only good, but deep. Our maybe they're just pants.
  • In 15 years, Todd Blackledge will weigh 400 pounds. The SEC and ESPN have signed a 15-year deal, which means heaping helpings of southern fried delicacies for Todd Blackledge,  who's now best known for eating prior to football games.
  • 7-5 for the Vols this year? Yep, according to Garnet and Black Attack. He also says Tennessee could be 3-6 going into Homecoming.
  • The Papa is speaking in ALL CAPS. Coach Fulmer is not happy with the defensive backups, who apparently looked too much like a pachinko machine for the coach's taste. From Inside Tennessee: “We've got a group of guys on the second team that have no idea how to play at this level. They have NO idea,” Phillip Fulmer grumbled. “That's very frustrating, very upsetting because they may be needed.”
  • Memories. Lots of good stuff from GVX this past weekend on the national championship season back in '98, including 10 plays that shook the season, how John Ward somehow knew that team was special, how a total  of 42 players from that team went on to play professionally in some league somewhere, and a reminder that that season had its share of bad news as well.
  • John Adams says that Oklahoma  is No. 1 in the preseason and that they couldn't even win the SEC East.
  • Fulmer's Belly has last week's Big Orange Roundtable Roundup.