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Next question from the next idiot, please

  • Florida's Percy Harvin will reportedly sit out the first two or three games. Harvin had surgery to repair one of his heels back in April and has missed almost the entire preseason, and it's making coach Urban Meyer even testier than usual. "Is there concern? Yes. With the people that know what they're talking about? No," said Meyer when asked about the results of the surgery over teleconference Wednesday. Translation: Next question from the next idiot, please. Actually, strike the please. Anyway, that "or three" above is important, as it's the Tennessee-Florida game. Florida's got plenty of speed behind Harvin, but nobody with his combination of speed and experience.
  • Speaking of experience . . . does it really matter? At all? Via Bruce Feldman, the blog Blatant Homerism has chewed up the numbers and determined that it matters a grand total of .01 percent. For us non-mathy types, he means "not a lick."
  • Is Ohio State overrated? Not this time, says Dr. Saturday, who is taking prodigiousness to a whole new level. Slow down already, Matt. The season's just beginning.
  • Oh, and this. Dawg Sports' Kyle on Roll Bama Roll's podcast, talking about Georgia:

  • Don't forget about the Rocky Top Talk Pick 'Em Games. For a couple of weeks, we'll be running them from both Fun Office Pools and ESPN, so get your picks in pronto-like.
  • Also, don't forget to vote for the winner of this week's Hail Mary Haiku.