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Ghosts and robots: today's Tennessee talking points

  • Why is David Leaverton telling ghost stories to Chad Cunningham? Look, I love Leaverton, but let's save those stories for after the season, mmkay?
  • Ghost of Neyland gets all nostalgic and stuff about the National Championship season. 
  • Bruins Nation discusses the Vols' offense and the Bruins' defense.
  • Gate 21's lawvol went and yoked hisself to View from the Hill's Patrick, who's now going by the name Home Sweet Home. 
  • No link, but I've heard that we should have an answer on Gerald (Still No News) Williams' eligibility sometime today. Yeah, he's wearing Brandon Warren's old jersey. Hopefully, it will be good luck and then we can retire the thing.
  • Freaky, myopic robot. And football: