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The 10 worst college football logos

Well, because I haven't ticked off every fan base yet, I now present the 10 Worst College Football Logos. If your team's logo isn't on the list, well, don't feel bad. I think yours sucks, too. Feel better?

No. 10 TCU logo

The Horned Frog is the stuff of nightmares. You really have to admire the folks at TCU for featuring the thing in all of its gory glory, warts, pimples, boils, and all. And respect the thing most of all because it has obviously seen the electric chair and survived. Sad, really, when your most endearing quality is the ability to squirt blood from your eye sockets.

No. 9 Memphis logo The abnormally-colored Memphis Tiger looks less like a blood-thirsty carnivore than your paraplegic grandfather rolling his wheelchair toward you looking for an inappropriate hug.
No. 8 Bowling Green logo U-G-L-Y. Brown and, I don't know, what is that other color? Peach? Memo to Bowling Green authorities: it's the wingspan and the talons that make falcons look intimidating. Omit these features and you've made yourself a puppet.
No. 7 North Texas logo See what I mean about the wings and the talons, Bowling Green? Of course, you can also undo all the gains you get from featuring a swooping, diving, and clawing predator by making the entire thing the color of a lawn tractor, like North Texas did.
No. 6 Cincinnati logo

Oh, Cincinnati. Where should we begin? Let me start by saying that I admire your ambition. You didn't just stop with the "C," which is laudable. And I guess I can see where you're going with the extras above the "C." It's a paw, right? Because you're the Bearcats?

Okay, well, here's the thing. They look like confused apostrophes. Or open quote marks that never close. It's like you really have something to say but never really get around to it. Have you considered Les Miles for a coach?

Oh, and in closing, simply underlining your logo for effect doesn't really get the job done, even if you use another color. You might as well just have drug a yellow highlighter over the whole thing or just put a sign with an arrow next to it reading "That's our logo."


No. 5 Louisiana Tech logo

Hey, boss, dja evah notice ow stay look lahk da lettah ayul? Lessa putta da T ovah da toppa it.

Font? Whassa font?

Sorra, ah dohnna ow to chainja da cullah. Fahn as iz? Keh.

No. 4 Central Michigan logo Hoo-weee! You almost didn't see that because that "C" is fast! Because that's how we make 'em in Central Michigan. Even our speed is underlined.
No. 3 Utah St. logo Folks, please just go with the classics if you have no good ideas. Don't just slap another word on there in any old way, especially if you have to fatten and squoosh it to make it fit.
No. 2 Toledo logo Holy Toledo! Can you say crayons? And we're not talking about the deluxe box of 64, either, or even the standard pack of eight. No, we're talking the two wax sticks your kids get when you drag them to Applebees, the ones that inevitably end up in the indiscernible grime on the floor under the table before they're done coloring their pretty picture of a rocket. Check, please.
No. 1 Washington St. logo My word, what is this thing? It simply requires way too much effort to make out a "W" for "Washington" and an "S" for "State." I guess it's a cougar, but it looks less like a whiskered feline than a snake that's just been attacked by an angry porcupine. Or maybe it's yawning. Or surprised at having been selected as the university's logo, I don't know. Really, it could even be a pirate ship for all I know. Yikes.