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Talking points: it's news to me edition

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 It's been an exceedingly bizarre week, and I haven't even peeked at the feed reader for four days. In yet another time crunch this morning, so I'll get to as much as I can and probably either nuke the notebook or FanShot the rest later today.

  • Rico McCoy vows to "[do] it like Mayo now, every single play, 100 miles per hour." 
  • Yikes. Junior Chase Nelson (defensive line, no less) is out for the season with a "traumatic patella tendon rupture." I want no diagnosis of mine to include either "rupture" or "traumatic," but both? Sheesh. Best of luck to Nelson.
  • Florida's Cornelius Ingram is also out for the season, and his Gator career is likely over, as he'll begin preparing for the NFL combine after rehab. Best of luck to him as well.
  • Put this on a blog, and it's a sure joke, but it's on GVX, so it's just weird. Ole Miss offensive lineman Kermit Tyler has "an allergic reaction to strenuous exercise." Coincidentally, that's why my football career never took off, too.
  • Tennessee re-loaded the G-Gun on Thursday. Woo. 
  • Brandon "Still No News" Warren punishes himself with 10 push-ups for any dropped passes. It's catching (heh), as the other tight ends are adopting the same approach.
  • The offensive linemen love The Incredible Flipping O-Line.
  • Eric Berry 2.0: vowing to be "noticeably more aggressive in 2008."
  • C + C: "I like everything about [coach Clawson.] How he carries himself. He's a very humble human being, nice to everybody. He's a player's coach who will get you enthusiastic, he'll build you up. He'll tell you what you did wrong but tell you why you did it, so he can teach you.
  • Britton Colquitt is enduring the Longest Preseason.
  • Smokey's on the ballot for the Mascot Hall of Fame. He's going up against a tree, a chicken, two birds, and something named "Otto" from Syracuse. Vote at the Mascot Hall of Fame.

All for now. Expect some FanShotting after I get back from a (long) errand.