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RTT picks up a five-star recruit from Oklahoma

Nobody can say we're sittin' on our laurels here at RTT. Everybody's expecting a big year from returning starting mascot Jackson the Mule this season, and he still has three years of eligibility remaining. And although most know very little about Jackson's backup, Oreo the Boston Terrier, they can be assured that she'll be ready should anything happen to Jackson.

Still, we're all about depth here at RTT, and on Friday afternoon we picked up a stellar five star recruit from Oklahoma, a nine-week old Cavalier King Charles who will go by the name Beignet. Anyone who follows Tennessee recruiting has positive vibes about Oklahoma, what with the success we've had with the likes of Robert Meachem and Gerald Jones, just to name a few. Beignet told reporters that she intends to work like heck to live up to the great expectations we all have of her. She then chewed tried to eat Joel's big toe before taking a nice nap.