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Pregame guesses: Tennessee-UCLA

Saw something very cool over at Bruins Nation today, which I immediately endeavored to steal. I figure it's okay, because the merchandise is hot anyway, having originally been stolen from SB Nation Angels blog Halos Heaven.

Here's the idea. Each Game Day, we'll post three questions about that day's Tennessee game. You post answers in the comment thread. Answer correctly and you get points. A few days later, we'll compile that week's results and update the season standings. Prizes? Hopefully.

All right, then. Here are this week's Pregame Guesses:

  1. How many times does Gerald Jones line up at QB (within one)?
  2. Who gets an interception first? Eric Berry, Demetrice Morley, somebody else, or no one?
  3. How many total yards does Arian Foster gain (within 20)?

Just put your answers in THE SUBJECT LINE of your response to this thread. For example, the subject line of your post might be:

5, Berry, 160


2, somebody else, 135.

Have fun, and Go Vols!

[Note by Joel, 09/01/08 6:31 PM EDT ] Hey. I'm thinking about awarding a point each for the most and best comment in-game comment, too. Cheap way to get more comments? Uh-huh. But everyone loves points, right?