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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee Volunteers UAB Blazers Hail Mary Haiku

City of Angels,
Let us put it behind us,
kick some Blazer butt.

by rustytanton

Chavis’ defense,
soft as a baby’s bottom.
Time for him to go?

by wvvol

UAB up FOUR???
If we are down by four points,
My brain will combust.

by MeytonPanning

UAB up Four . . .
Tennessee is in trouble
Damn, is it 05?!?!?!

by bobo_the_vol

UAB up four
my Lord how long until we
can watch Pearl again?

by thetennesseethumper

One two three four six,
Something else that you just said,
We do not speak of.

by rustytanton

Mustang Package for
First and Goal. Berry lined up
at Gate Twenty-One

by hooper

Hmm, Are they dragons?
Or are they nice sport jackets?
I’ll take the latter

by Getoffmyvols

Blazers, ORLY?
Daniel Boone was the real thing
Coonskin cap +1

by Joel