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The Tennessee Volunteers must get mad, get even, run against the Florida Gators

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Immediately after the UAB game, coach Fulmer said that it was finally time to talk Florida, to play "mad," and to "get it cranked up." Demonte' Bolden is listening, although it's unclear whether he's just now getting angry or whether he's been that way since last season in the swamp.

Anyway, I'm here to do my part. What better way to get that mentality cranked up than to re-watch highlights of last year's dishumiliarrassment? Don't get angry at me, get angry at the Gators. Ignore the lyrics -- get mad and even.

Tennessee's defense should be much better this year. Another three or four interceptions would go a long way toward that whole even thing. But they can't do it alone. They're going to need the offense to stay on the field and score some points. Just how do they do that, you ask?

One word. Over and over and over again. In all caps, with exclamation points.