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Grill a Gator -- Spencer Hall of takes your questions tonight at 9:00

Join us tonight at 9:00 EST as we talk Tennessee-Florida with Gator fan Spencer Hall of, EDSBS Live, The Sporting News, and The Sporting Blog.

The idea is to do something a bit different than just having y'all listen to Spencer and I talk about the game. What I'm hoping is that you -- yes, you -- will call in and join the conversation. Ask either of us whatever you'd like.

This will be the first time with TalkShoe, so expect lurches. Expect to hear me wondering aloud "what this button does" just before I accidentally disconnect Spencer for the third time. Expect to hear me say something that somebody else has already said because listening, speaking, and working the controls all at the same time is almost certain to result in strained cerebrum.

Think of it as me and Spencer hanging out before the game. I'm trying to get the truck to run, and Spencer's there for comic relief and to make fun of me when I screw something up. Or, you could view it as my wife does: grown men playing with toys. Either way, you're invited.

Click on the widget below and follow the instructions. Hope to see you at 9:00 EST.

[Note by Joel, 09/16/08 12:07 PM EDT ] Oh, see? First mistake. Widget goes to front page. Show here. One mistake down, FAIL to go!


[Note by Joel, 09/16/08 9:01 PM EDT ] Already screwed something up. Expect new show info shortly.