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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Florida Hail Mary Haiku

Just kidding before,
about the Clawfense you saw,
here is the real one.

by rustytanton

tebow. tim tebow.
tim tebow, tim tebow, tim
tebow. tim tebow.

by thetennesseethumper

Will we win? who knows
but don’t punt to brandon james
I may start crying

by Getoffmyvols

We can’t stop them
They will stomp us again
The worst home loss ever

by Smitty1

Crompton needs much work,
Yet he rests in fourth quarter.
Short leash Saturday?

by birdjam

I don’t know really
As usual, scared again
Please surprise us Vols.

by guilded

They said it couldn’t be done…..
Take his Heisman, Vols.

by MeytonPanning

Harvin, Rainey, Demps
Tebow, Hernandez, Murphy
Chief, Mustang, uh oh

by The Power T

The world knows about
Florida’s secondary
Meet Jones and Warren

by The Power T

Vols finally learn
Run to set up play action
We all miss Ron Zook


run game keeps truckin’
8 gets his (bleep) together
we stomp gator chomp!!!

by thetennesseethumper

Legend Al Wilson
Firing up all the players
Good for 14 points

by Joel