Talk about a cold shower....

This Labor Day weekend was almost awesome.  I had Friday off so I gorged on Wings and Beer Thursday night, actually giddy that a Steve Spurrier team was shutting out NC State. 

I went to Boone Lake the next day, watched a crap ton of Football, jet ski'd my heart out, got one last sunburn for the summer and looked forward to my Monday of no work and  Big Orange Football.  The first weekend of Football.  These are the types of weekends you dream about in February and March when the only thing you think is, "How long must I wait for the sweet sweet scent of Fall Saturdays?"  Its not supposed to get any better than this.

And then Rick Nueheisel pee'd in my cheerios. 

I'm not gonna go Paul Finebaum on Phillip and Co.  I'm not gonna scratch out Randy Sander's name and pencil in "Clawson" on all those letters-to-the-editor.  This was a disaster to be sure, but it's something that Vol Nation can recover from....I think (right?). 

This game was not lost because of offensive philosophies or playcalls.  It was lost because of a lack of preparation and, most importantly, a lack of attention to the little things...the details.  Little things like new punt protections.  Little things like protections to address the two-headed monster at D Tackle.  Things like handing out new play wristbands in between series because some people may have had the wrong wrist bands.  Details like Quarterbacks dropping back directly into their backs who may or may not have been in the right position to block.  The small things killed the Vols last night.  Obviously the staff has details to iron out.  Thank god for the early bye.

And I'll leave with a post game haiku called Cold Shower, Labor Day 08.

Richard Neuheisel

Dropped Trou and Urinated

in my Cheerios.




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