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Tennessee Volunteers vs. Florida Gators: duel on

The good guys don't always finish second. The flashy, brash, and arrogant don't always win. Home-dog Tennessee can win this game. Hey, it happens in the movies:

Sure, maybe the game will start with the teams feeling each other out, with perennial favorite Gator-Vai dictating matters and Vol-Macchio merely trying to keep up.

But then, perhaps both teams will find their rhythm, harmonizing with each other, providing the counterpoint to the other's improvisation as Vol-Macchio comes to the realization that he can play with this guy.

And yeah, at some point we should expect that Gator-Vai will seque into another key and another gear. That he'll rip off a flamboyant, virtuosic cadenza that will stun the crowd and throw him into boundless self-congratulation.

But maybe, just as Gator-Vai begins to celebrate upon seeing Vol fans once again turn their heads in shame and defeat, maybe Vol-Macchio will remember who he is and what his strengths are. And maybe at that point Gator-Vai will be the one unable to match his opponent's performance.

Maybe, perhaps, possibly.

And if so, wouldn't it be grand to see Florida fans with their cupped hands covering their gaping, surprised jowls?

And to see Gator-Vai thrown down his stuff and leave in disgust without even bothering to lower the volume?

And to overrun the stage to join the raucous celebration as Tennessee sheds the stress and cranks it up for a party?

Oh, yeah.

Maybe. Perhaps. Conceivably.

See you at 3:30.