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This just in: more pants

This transcript of a chat with Gator fan Spencer Hall just in.*

Spencer: Sorry about that
Rocky: ha
. . .
Spencer: I have a present for you
Rocky:. . .Ooh. Is it ice cream?
Spencer: NO! It is pants.
More pants.
Rocky: But
I already have pants.
Spencer: I know. But I have purchased pants for you
Rocky: Are they . . .
parachute pants at least?
Spencer: They are pants
Rocky: Hmm. Do they have tassels?
Spencer: No. Just pants.
Rocky: Are they orange?
Spencer: Khaki
Rocky: lol
Spencer: And with shame in the pleats
Rocky: nice

Well, then. The view from the Gator side of things was apparently pretty much the same as the view from ours. Defense did fine, Spencer says. Special teams and red zone offense a problem.


*The story behind the pants here.