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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Auburn Hail Mary Haiku

Oh, Seriously?
Huh, that is the team we’ve got?
At rock bottom yet?

by guilded

Underdogs again,
This black eye of the tiger
is for you Aubbie

by Getoffmyvols

Tiger or Eagle?
Would you please pick a mascot?
Seriously y’all.

by rustytanton

I say “woe is me
that still cheers for tennesee”
just masochism

by InBruceWeTrust

Tiger roar stolen
by other tiger at home
Vols ready to pounce

by Volorado

Big game on the plains
Both teams smarting from tough loss
Tigers roar past Vols

by PowerOfDixieland

Auburn, Tennessee;
Both can agree on two things:
Georgia, Bama suck

by PowerOfDixieland

One tick left, midfield
Touchdown would change the outcome
Can Crompton do it?

by silverspringvol

Desperation for two
All await the outcome
Oh My…a Flutie!

by LOUtheMETSfan

we are 1& 2
playing aurburn this week-end?
man, i got nothing

by thetennesseethumper

Please make this stop!

by Smitty1

No more games for me.
Watching VHS tapes of

by MeytonPanning

The cheers of the Vols
are missing from Neyland’s walls
The sounds of silence

by hooper

Awakening From A Deep Sleep
The Tigers Are Slammed To The Turf
Vols Victory Oh Sweet Victory

by Heerb

Smokey finds his howl
Auburn Tiger finds its stripes
Ugh, nobody’s open and the defenSIVE ENDS ARE COMING! HELP! I’VE GOT NOTHING!!!

by Joel