Why cant we do anything right? I know one or two people does not deserve all of the blame, but i dont understand how we have a quaterback that sucks as bad as he does. Its not like this year is his first year to play ball ever and David Cutcliffe was there last year so he should of got good advice for this year. I just dont understand how Fulmer just stands there like oh well things happens. No sir we just dont just lose to a struggling Auburn team. You look at our defense they held Auburn to like one first down in the fourth quarter and our offence just stalled. Trust me i am a die hard Vol fan orange does run through my veins, but i honestly think we need to get a new coach with fresh ideas that would put us back to our glory days instead of getting embarresed by Florida. We need something or its going to a repeat of a few years ago when we did not even make a bowl game. I know some fans might disagree with my view on a new coach, but i have been on the wire deciding if wanted this to happen, but after today i believe its time for a change. But always go Vols!!!!

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