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Now you can make your own animated drive chart and embed it on your own site by going to the RTT Animated Drive Chart Code Generator. Okay, it needs a better name, but there it is.

SB Nation bloggers, the medium size (the default) won't fit nicely onto your front page in narrow mode, so if you want that size, you'll need to put it on inside pages after the jump. The smaller size will fit nicely onto your front page in narrow mode, but won't be as nice to look at. Your choice. Either way, there's a link just below the charts that readers can click on to wach the thing in full screen mode. Bloggers on other platforms, email me if you'd like to have other sizes available. Report any data problems or bugs (this is still pretty much in beta) to

Because Tennessee played on Monday night this week, there is no data yet for the game, but this is what we were hoping the Clawfense would look like:


Full Screen Version


[Note by Joel, 09/03/08 7:54 AM EDT ] Okay, so maybe not "nicely" onto the front page. Will fix that soon.