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College Football Pick 'Em Results: week one

FunOfficePools seems to working quite well except for the fact that I'm currently ranked 24th, so let's ditch ESPN for now and just use FOP. Don't forget to make your picks this week. The machine says they're due in two days, but there's a Thursday night game on there, so unless you want the default pick (Vanderbilt over South Carolina), I'd get 'em done today. As in now.

Standings for Week 1
Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 mmmjtx's picks 11-3 90
2 DeerParkBoy's picks 10-4 88
2 codyshiznit's picks 10-4 88
4 accsecblog's picks 10-4 87
5 RoboVol 11-3 86
6 azvol's picks 10-4 85
7 hooper 9-5 84
8 BZACHARY's picks 11-3 83
8 Muhler's picks 11-3 83
10 anderskb's picks 11-3 82
10 corn blight's picks 9-5 82

[Note by Joel, 09/04/08 9:20 AM EDT ] Message from Fun Office Pools: "Note: If you have the South Carolina/Vandy game in your pool [we do. -- ed.], picks are due Thursday. Also note that the LSU/Troy game has been canceled. If it is in your WEIGHTED pool [it is. -- ed.], assign it to the 1 point game as no points will be credited for this game."