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Pregame Guesses Standings: Week One

Here's the roll call for last week's Tennnessee-UCLA open game thread. LOUthe METfan gets a point for the most comments, and I'm giving a point to wvvol for this astute observation:

If he has puts his mouthpiece in, it's a QB draw


Something to look for.

Name # of Posts
LOUtheMETfan 229
hooper 190
Joel 165
BloodSpite 154
lawvol98 150
corn blight 114
wvvol 103
XRayVol 56
ExpatVol 26
PowerOfDixieland 20
Craig T 12
rustytanton 10
The Power T 9
irish1611 8
RollOnYouBears667 4
Muhler 3
bobo_the_vol 2
Run Up The Score 2
orangemocha 2
The Enchanter 2
misfit15 1
BigBamaDaddy 1
Aerobab 1

On to the Pregame Guesses. First, the answers:

  1. How many times does Gerald Jones line up at QB (within one)? Leave it to me to ask a question that is difficult to verify. I count three: The stats say that Jones ran it twice, and I remember him handing off to Foster once as well. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the final number was three. Only two people missed this, one who guessed five, and one who guessed six. Note to self: with small numbers, don't use ranges.
  2. Who gets an interception first? Eric Berry, Demetrice Morley, somebody else, or no one? That'd be Somebody Else, or DeAngelo Willingham.
  3. How many total yards does Arian Foster gain (within 20)? 108 (96 rushing and 12 passing).

And so, drumroll, standings after Week One:


Getoffmyvols 3
hooper 2
rustytanton 2
G.M.U. Vol  2
jacksonian 2
volfan5216 2
Joel 1
jazordrick 1
Aerobab 1
XRayVol 1
ExpatVol 1
BloodSpite 1




Please, if I've made an error, let me know.