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Talking points: Channeling Meeks edition

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  • Tired of Tim Tebow? You're not the only one suffering from Tebow Fatigue, apparently. Beware, Gator fans, because as Vol fans know from experience, your beloved player returning for his senior season can result in boomerang effects from certain national media. We call it Anything But Manning Disorder, but you may call it as you will.
  • Harsh. Pitiful. Not confident. Not competitive. Not my words, but Bruce Pearl's after the team's performance against Kentucky Tuesday night.
  • Really, though, we should have known. Back in the day, Chamique Holdsclaw, Semeka Randall and Tamika Catchings (thanks to Will for helping me remember the names) dominated women's basketball and were known to Lady Vols fans as "the 'Meeks." Well, then, should we really be surprised that Jodie Meeks was able to conjure up some of that old mojo and use it against us?
  • Hope this isn't true. Kentucky's Patrick Patterson says that Tennessee players were "still talking trash" even in the last sixty seconds of the game. Not the kind of fight we like to see.
  • Please, no, not again. South Carolina's coming up Saturday. Junior 5'-9" guard Devan Downey's career high is 37. The Vols' only goal for the game should be to hold him to or below his average of 19.7.
  • Discrimination! The Lady Vols are doing their own laundry after losing to Vanderbilt earlier this week. What are the men doing?
  • More honors and stuff. Eric Berry is your Male Amateur Athlete of the Year, according to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. 
  • Happy Zeroth Birthday to Baby Knox. Monte Knox Kiffin was born to Lane and Layla Tuesday night. Welcome to Rocky Top, kid.
  • Cooter-less. All six graduate assistants, including Jim Bob Cooter and Kevin Simon have been let go.