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Memorial Magic: The Final Countdown

Remember this?

January 10, 2007.  Vanderbilt beats Tennessee 82-81 in Nashville.

Remember this?

February 26, 2008.  Vanderbilt beats #1 Tennessee 72-69 in Nashville.

We've had enough of this, right?

As we say hello to our little friends to the west this week - Vanderbilt on Tuesday, Tiger High on Saturday - we should remember that the list of teams who'd enjoy beating us more than these guys is either very short or nonexistent.  The emotion of these last two wins for Vanderbilt in Memorial over the Vols, and likewise for Memphis in coming up short in their most important regular season game in program history, will mean that both teams have this one circled in bright red ink and will bring a level of intensity that the Vols will have to match to win. 

We all dislike Memphis, and we'll get to them.  But don't forget about what Vanderbilt has done to us in their building each of the last two years. 

It's time for change.