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From the RTT Archives: January 26

One year ago today: Vol football fans were enduring news of four arrests in three weeks, this time when Anthony Parker was hauled in for "waving his hands and yelling." On the basketball front, Ryan Childress was proposing to his girlfriend, and Chris Lofton was re-discovering his shot against Georgia, hitting 7-13 threes to lead the Vols to a 85-69 victory over the Bulldogs.

Two years ago today: Lofton was shedding his ankle boot and discovering some "nice discoloration," and at 10-7 overall and 2-3 in the SEC, the Vols' chances of making the Big Dance were dire. Oh, and coach Fulmer was, depending on your view, either observing or re-calibrating Vols' fans' expectations by saying that "Nine wins is okay at Tennessee. It's okay."

Three years ago today: Slacking off. Again.