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The Record of Wrongs: LSU Tigers

Disclaimer: Chill. We're just having fun, okay?


The Reading of the Record of Wrongs committed by the LSU Tigers:

  • In 2006 , after Dane Bradshaw had had some harmless on-court fun with the LSU fans in Baton Rouge, some of the courtside cajuns began chanting Bradshaw's name toward the end of the game while he was on the bench. Pearl played along, walking Bradshaw to the scorer's table and lifting his arm like he was the winner of a heavyweight fight. The crowd loved it. Brady, however, disapproved of Pearl's "antics," and said that Pearl had "no class."
  • In 2007 , Brady took a swipe at Tennessee guard Jordan Howell, saying "We missed better shots down the stretch than the 3-pointer their guy made, and it's not like [Howell] is Pete Maravich running around out there." Okay, then.
  • Before the March 8, 2007 game, Brady failed miserably while trying to be diplomatic in response to a question about how to deal with Dane Bradshaw. Brady effectively insulted two players at once by saying that he was worried about Lofton and "that Smith kid" and not that worried about Bradshaw. Bradshaw responded by saying all of the right things to the media and following that up by saying, (paraphrasing) "I'm saying all of the right things, right guys?" Yes. Leave saying the wrong things to us fans.
  • That same game, having not tipped off until 10:05 and going into overtime, caused Vol fans everywhere to abuse their alarm clocks the next morning. Oh, and they won 76-67, sending the Vols home yet again from the SEC Tournament void of one single pelt to show for it.
  • On February 9, 2008, LSU uses news of John Brady's firing to distract Tennessee into a near defeat that was only avoided in the last 19 seconds by JaJuan Smith.

That's it? Really? Surely there's more.