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3 things I learned at lunch: Thunder Thornton, Urban Meyer, and David Oku

Stuff I heard on my iPod while eating lunch in my car, vaguely half remembered, probably incorrectly, un- fact-checked or otherwise verified, and probably just made up in between sips of aspartame.
  1. Tennessee booster Thunder Thornton apparently sat in silent protest rather than standing and applauding the new football staff when they were introduced at last Saturday's basketball game. Apparently, there's a YouTube of it.
  2. Marlon Brown apparently said that Urban Meyer is "like a kid" or something like that, meaning that he was laid back. Uh-huh. Right.
  3. David Oku, the guy who's supposedly committed to Tennessee and said that he's through with visits to other schools? Taking an official to . . .Syracuse, I think it was.