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From the RTT Archives: January 29

One year ago today: We were comparing the stats between the Vols' and the Crimson Tide's basketball teams and watching the Vols win, 93-86, I was linking to Gate 21's deplorable secret, and Trev Alberts was earning the respect of the blogosphere (video removed; perhaps someone can re-find it?)

Two years ago today: We were lamenting the fact that the basketball Vols, fresh off a loss to Kentucky, had lost five of their last six games. Huh.

Three years ago today: Vol fans were wondering at their own dreaming of the Big Dance despite pessimistic preseason projections, and Buzz Peterson was showing why so many folks around here loved him so much by wishing his former team the best rather than trashing them or no-commenting on all of the questions about how Bruce Pearl had turned around the team.