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Tennessee Volunteers / Georgia Bulldogs Game Stats and Trivia

Here are a few points of interest coming out of the Tennessee Volunteers / Georgia Bulldogs tilt.

Jonathan Crompton

  • 20-27 passing for 310 yards, 4 TDs, and 1 INT.  Using the NCAA formula, that gives him a passer rating of 212 - his highest ever.  (His second-best mark was against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers for a 189 rating.)
  • 8 different receivers caught Crompton passes.  None of them were named Montario Hardesty.
  • Early in the second quarter, when driving in the red zone, hearty cheers of  "Let's Go Crompton!" could be heard coming from the stands.

Georgia Offense

  • Zero plays run within the red zone.  The deepest Georgia ever drove the ball was down to the Tennessee 35 for their field goal.
  • The 53-yard field goal was the only score for the Georgia offense.  Considering that no passes were thrown deep within the red zone, it's fair to say that the field goal was the only scoring attempt by the Georgia offense.
  • Georgia has not rushed for 100 yards since their Arkansas game - a 3-game paucity of rushing.
  • Georgia's passing game managed a net 20/40 completions/attempts for 3.8 yards per attempt and 2 INTs.
  • Georgia went 3-13 on third down, and 0-2 on fourth down.

Tennessee Rushing

  • Montario Hardesty ended the day with 97 yards on 20 carries - just three shy of 100.
  • Seven Vols carried the ball for a net 162 yards.  The 37 carries gave the Vols a 4.4 yards-per-carry average.


  • The Vols were penalized 7 times for 47 yards.  Four penalties came in the first quarter, two in the second, and one in the fourth.
  • The Bulldogs were penalized 9 times for 79 yards.  One penalty came in the first quarter, four in the second, one in the third, and three in the fourth.

Special Teams

  • The Bulldogs scored 16 of their 19 points on special teams or defense: a kickoff return for a touchdown, an interception return for a touchdown, and a punt block for a safety.
  • Chad Cunningham punted 5 times.  Excluding the blocked punt, he averaged 44.8 yards per punt with three landing inside the 20 and one touchback.
  • For Georgia, Drew Butler punted 6 times for a 49.8 yard average.  His long was 61 yards; none were touchbacks and only one landed inside the 20.
  • Daniel Lincoln made his only field goal attempt (30 yards) and all six of his extra point tries.
  • Georgia's Blair Walsh made his only field goal attempt (52 yards) and both of his extra point tries.

Odds and Ends

  • Number of Plays:  Tennessee 64 (37 run, 27 pass); Georgia 62 (22 run, 40 pass)
  • Time of Possession:  Tennessee 34:05, Georgia 25:55
  • Total Yards:  Tennessee 472 (previous season average: 376.8 yards); Georgia 241 (previous season average: 340.6 yards)
  • Number of Times That Rocky Top was played:  247
  • Length of drive from Knoxville to Athens:  feels like 17 hours