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How to milk a Bulldog

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Talking Points for Tuesday, October 13, 2009

  • A little extended schadenfreude. I know we had not one but two FanPosts on this yesterday, but GVX's Vol Historian also got riled by our friend Kyle at Dawg Sports for his inartfully-phrased comparison of our two teams in the wake of Saturday's stomping of the Bulldogs. The biggest insult is that he called our precious blog platform a "chatboard," but he also mentioned that Kyle sounded like he was on the verge of throwing himself out a third-story window. Those in the blogosphere know full well that Georgia fans don't throw themselves out of windows, they throw toasters out of windows and win awards  for doing so. Anyway, Brian Cook at Sporting News also leads with Georgia fans' misery in his This Week in Schadenfreude. To Kyle's credit, though, he's taken the post-game stuff in stride and required himself to attend sensitivity training, the effects of which can be found here. Props to Kyle for the humorous response.
  • The Chimera is also trying to get some extra mileage out of Saturday's big win, scouring the Peach State this week for recruits. Lance Thompson and Ed Orgeron are targeting numerous top prospects in Georgia, the majority of which are already committed elsewhere.
  • Credit Nick Reveiz and Inky Johnson with a portion of Saturday's win. Both of them gave impassioned speeches to the team Friday night before the game. Would love to have witnessed that.
  • Funny how a win can make other games look more winnable, but that's exactly what's happened with the Georgia victory. With the exception of Alabama in two weeks, no other game looks like it can't be had.
  • So Jonathan Crompton wins SEC Offensive Player of the Week. His response? Next game. He doesn't seem to be concerned (except perhaps through some surrogates -- I have sources!) about saying I Told You So to those who've been critical of his performance, although it's becoming increasingly clear that his teammates are fully aware of the negativity and are only barely succeeding in keeping their mouths shut about it. Hopefully, we can put all of that behind us now. Don't expect a Georgia performance from Crompton against Alabama, but perhaps we can give him a bit of the benefit of the doubt even among some struggles in that game.
  • Wes Rucker has six areas of focus for the Vols' last six weeks, including "Keep Crompton rolling" both "literally as well as figuratively." Question for y'all: What's Alabama likely to do to minimize Crompton's ability to bootleg, roll out and throw? What's the defense for that, and what's the counter?
  • Is there any reason to visit The Tennessean anymore? It seems like every time a headline prompts me to click over, it's merely a lede and a link to GVX.
  • Quintin Hancock in a walking boot? How have I missed the story on that?
  • Tobias Harris, the nation's top-ranked power forward, still likes Tennessee.
  • I finally got my invitation to Google Wave. I'm now looking for someone else who's gotten theirs so I have someone with which to kick the tires. If you have one, email me. My address is at the very bottom of the site.