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Putting Jonathan Crompton's Performance in Perspective

Our favorite quarterback threw for 310 yards and 4 TDs against our favorite defensive coordinator.  When's the last time a Tennessee quarterback went for 300 & 4?  Glad you asked:

  • Erik Ainge did it three times:  against Memphis in 2006, Arkansas State in 2007, and Kentucky in 2007, working with the extra added benefit of four overtimes to throw seven touchdown passes.
  • Casey Clausen did it twice:  as a freshman against Kentucky in 2000, and as a senior against Mississippi State in 2003.
  • Tee Martin did it only once, against South Carolina in 1998 in his NCAA record-breaking 23 of 24 completions game.
  • Peyton Manning...well, he did it eight times, cause that's how he rolls.

So, outside of Manning, you can see that most of these performances have come against severly disadvantaged defenses.  I'll let you decide whether or not to take the bait on the obvious joke about Georgia's defense there...but either way, what Crompton did on Saturday shouldn't be understated.

And for a more present perspective...guess who's tied for sixth in the nation (and first in the SEC with Ryan Mallet) in touchdown passes?

If Crompton keeps this pace, counting a bowl game he'd finish the year with 28 touchdown passes.  That number would be good for third all-time at UT, behind only the senior seasons of Peyton Manning (36) and Erik Ainge (31).

...not bad, right?  I know, one thing at a time...I'm just taking the chance to appreciate Crompton before the moment passes.