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Around the SB Nation: who the heck is Ndamukong Suh?

  • Oregon State is finally becoming a complete team capable of challenging USC.
  • Colt McCoy and Texas struggled offensively against Colorado, but the Sooners have their own set of issues that don't bode well for this Saturday's showdown.
  • The California Golden Blogs writes a terrific feature on American hero (and Cal grad) Mark Bingham.
  • Great news out of Los Angeles, where USC's Stafon Johnson is recovering and finally ready to leave the hospital.
  • Double T Nation has a terrific in-depth look at the match ups for this weekend's big game at Nebraska.
  • The Rakes of Mallow points out that while Notre Dame has yet to play a strong defense, the Trojans have yet to play a strong offense.
  • Mountain West Connection examines the Mountain West Conference TV deal.
  • Congratulations to Maryland blog Testudo Times, which just won a Mobbie.