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Talking Points: Lane Kiffin time-traveling through the bye week

  • Lane Kiffin is using the bye week to wield his super powers and alter time:
    It’s good to have this week of practice over, it’s good to let our guys get off a little bit and we’ll be able to start a day earlier. We’ll start our preparation just like we did for Western Kentucky one day early, so Monday is a Tuesday and we’ll be ahead of schedule and get two Thursdays at the end of the week to have our legs ready to go.
    Translation? Toil toil boil and bubble. Two Thursdays. Legs.
  • Yes, there's a FanShot on this, but it bears repeating: Jonathan Crompton is this week's AT&T All-America Player of the Week. If the "America" qualifier doesn't do the job, yes, this is a national player of the week award. It's fan-voted at that, proving that the support is there for the taking if only the performance warrants it. Hearty congrats to Crompton.
  • Nick Reveiz has finally had his knee surgery, and it's been deemed a success. He's projected to be limited in spring and full go by next fall, but don't put it past Nick to be full go in spring and back to super mode by the fall.
  • Ron Higgins takes stock of the SEC at the mid-point of the season.
  • Bruceball is right around the corner. A preview: