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Tennessee Midseason Poll: How will the Vols finish?

A week removed from our greatest triumph and a week away from our greatest challenge, we figure everyone is at their most rational during a bye week. And as it arrives at the midpoint of Tennessee's season, we thought this would be a good opportunity to ask the community how well you expect the Vols to finish in their final six games.

A 3-3 start by its very nature has its ups and downs, and we've seen both from our quarterback and in the box score. As the page turns to a second half that will see the Vols play three games in which they will be very solid favorites and three games where that won't be the case, the roller coaster may present itself yet.

The road from here: at Alabama, South Carolina, Memphis, at Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, at Kentucky.

It's also worth noting that on August 1, when we asked you what success looked like in 2009 for the Vols, the leading vote getter was an 8-4 season, which is still on the table, and 87% who voted defined success as between 7-9 wins, all of which is still on the table. Questions of growth, bowl eligibility and destination will be answered in the next six weeks.

So how do you see the Vols finishing this season? And leave your thoughts on potential losses and bowl destinations in the comments: