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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Auburn Hail Mary Haiku

Vote for your favorite of the Tennessee-Auburn Hail Mary Haikus. The ones that survived yesterday's whittling are re-published below the poll and the jump.

Après le deluge,
It was Ohio. Now we
Face a flood of points.

by birdjam

Comes knocking again. This time
Let’s bag the sucker

by Joel

Chizik and Kiffin
Two uninspiring hires
Which ends up better?

Tigers in Knoxville
An old rivalry renewed
Five straight over Vols

by jd is legend

Are they Tigers or
Eagles, who in the hell knows
I guess War Tigle!

by Travass

In hand the towel,
Waving wildly. Game ends with
Towel dragging ground.

by ChattVol

hey there, Yella Man
your commercials, can’t stand ’em
hope your team loses

by thetennesseethumper

Yella man on sidelines
Two by four beatdown metaphor
Who was that fat man

by War Eagle Atlanta

Sing Rocky Top in Neyland
No way, says Auburn, but instead
Rips shirt off like Kiffin

Auburn arrives like Fall
Echoes stir, Neyland, Shug, Majors
Who are these new guys

by War Eagle Atlanta

Tennessee taking
Turns tromping Trooper Taylor’s
Terrible Tigers

by ttocswob