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Talking Points: Lane Kiffin rips five percent of the team

  • So Lane Kiffin "rips" some "five percent" of his team, saying that they need to "quit being that guy" who can't be counted on because he doesn't know what he's doing. I don't see it in that article, but I heard somewhere else (probably the Sports Animal) that the five percent consisted of "one guy on every unit," which Mr. Skepticism would like to note has the effect of every single player on the team going, "Whaaa?! Is he talking about me? I better get moving!" Anyway, check out the audio of Kiffin post-ripping. Yes, post-ripping. The audio of the actual ripping has been confiscated by Ed Orgeron, crushed into a fine powder, and stirred into his breakfast Bull.
  • Montario Hardesty, who by the way LEADS THE SEC IN RUSHING, had his knee drained -- which, eeeewwwwww -- earlier this week yet expects to play Saturday against Auburn. Do not joke about this or Eddie Gran will have you for lunch. No wonder Bryce Brown is still accelerating through the learning curve. And because today is apparently all about media in every bullet, check out GVX's interview with Eddie "Always Grinding" Gran.
  • And finally, Nick Reveiz on how he's coping with his season-ending knee injury:

    These are reasons grown men grow to love their team and why the nice quiet man behind the desk Monday through Friday becomes a raging lunatic in the stands when a player he's watched struggle through extreme adversity makes a great play on the field as if he's made the play himself.