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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Alabama Hail Mary Haiku

Cast your vote below for this week's winner of the Hail Mary Haiku. Those that survived yesterday's whittling are re-published after the jump.

Listen up well Bama
Check your attitude at the door
The Lane Train coming

by bulldurham

Bama ranked No. 1
Crompton becomes a legend.
Upset! Vols roll Tide.

by Snakebrown13

Hmmm Pro Style offense?
Monte & Berry lick Chops
Vols win 10-6

by Getoffmyvols

The third Saturday
Let’s take the Tide down a peg
Do your thing, Kiffin.

by Incipient_Senescence

Offense stampede’s Tide
Rammer Jammer Orange Hammer
Dropped by Berry… Boom!

by Volorado

Moral Victories
Won’t be had in this beating.
Ingram steals your lunch.

by Stuck in the Plains

Crompdaddy unloads.
Nuke Richardson one-hands it,
takes it to the house.

by mizerle06

Rolling elephant
thunders downfield. Berry pick six!
October Miracle.

by memphispete

The Crimson Tide is
a heavy wave, but Monte
say’s lets bend not break!

by Travass

A flight of fancy
Orange and Crimson collide
tip catch and a win

by UTdan