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Talking Points: fewer heart attacks in the punt return game, please

And the rest of the piecemeal talking points . . .

  • Is it time to put Jones back on punt return duties or to give all of them to Dennis Rogan? Those guys aren't bad, and while Nu'Keese Richardson may have some great potential at returning punts, he's got to catch the thing first. He's already cheated fate several times this season, muffing several attempts, letting the ball bounce between his legs, and generally giving coaches, teammates, and fans alike multiple simultaneous coronaries when the ball's falling from the sky and opponents are approaching.
  • Eric Berry is one of 20 quarterfinalists for the Ronnie Lott Award (guess what -- duplicate link).
  • Whoa. I thought this was a bye week (duplicate link again -- notes columns were not made for blogging). Dan Williams was held out of a portion of practice, Gerald Williams and Quintin Hancock held out of all of it, and Art Evans was limited. Both Williamses are expected to play Saturday, Hancock "could play Saturday even though he hasn't practiced in a week (didn't we criticize ourselves for doing that earlier this year?), and Marsalous Johnson will fill in for Evans if he can't go. But isn't that more injuries than before the bye?
  • Oneathem inside sources tells GVX that Tennessee is about to offer junior college QB Matt Simms, who recently transferred from Louisville to El Camino Community College. So we know he can elude pressure. Ba dump bump. And yes, it's that Simms -- brother of Denver back QB Chris, son of former New York Giants QB Phil.