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Home and Home Jerseys for Tennessee / South Carolina: the Biggest Halloween Party in the Country

UPDATE: Ok, this was intended to be a plea to have this happen. This is NOT a breaking report that this has actually happened. But hey, I'm glad that Gamecock fans are on board with the idea! --Hooper

So we tried to get home and home jersey going for the Third Saturday in October, and somebody down south didn't like the idea. Moving on. This week, we have a rare night game. At home. On Halloween. With the home team sporting orange and the away team carrying an alternate all-black home uniform.

Please make this happen.

We haven't seen a home-and-home game yet in the SEC, and there obviously aren't many schools willing to do it. Tennessee has already shown interest in the idea, and now they can take it one step further by granting it on their home turf. This would make for one awesome party in Neyland Stadium as both teams take the field in Orange and Black.

This is the ESPN Game of the Night.

Not to be confused with GameDay, but it's kind of a big deal. Televisions will have it on nationally. And take a look at the games that will be on at the same time:

Thanks to the ESPN/SEC contract, the only two games of national interest (Texas/OSU and USC/Oregon) are regional coverages (as of the typing of this post). Even if one or both of those get picked up on national broadcasts, the Tennessee / South Carolina game is one of the better ones available.

It's great for recruiting.

This will be fun. Tennessee should have a lot of recruits on official visits. Show them that the team and the stadium are all about having a great time (along with competing to win, of course).

It will sell.

Advertise Neyland Stadium as the biggest Halloween party in the country - maybe even the world. You'll be accurate.

Just please: do it.