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Post-game awards: Tennessee Volunteers at Alabama Crimson Tide

Best Whodunit, Howdidit, and Didtheyevendoit. The mysterious headphone malfunction that began right after the coin toss and lasted for exactly one possession.

Worst quad. Daniel Lincoln's, which Lincoln had aggravated in the pre-game. After hitting one field goal attempt of 24 yards, he missed one of 47 yards and had two blocked of 43 and 44, including the one that would have won the game.

Best drama. The series to conclude the game that began with Mark Ingram's fumble with 3:29 left as Alabama led 12-3 and was hoping to run out the clock, continued with Tennessee's two-minute offense getting the game's only touchdown to make it a two point game, and concluded with Tennessee's recovery of an onsides kick, it driving into field goal range, and Alabama's Terrence Cody blocking his second field goal of the game to win it for the Tide. Lane Kiffin said it would have been a "storybook ending." Which it was. For Alabama.

Best streak buster, I. Causing Mark Ingram, who hadn't fumbled the ball in his entire college career, to give the thing away and give the Vols one last gasp.

Best streak buster, II. Scoring a TD against the Tide, the only one that stingy defense has given up in three games (Tennessee, South Carolina, and Ole Miss, the latter two both ranked).

Worst matchup. Cory Sullins (6'1", 270) against Terrence Cody (6'5", 365). Cory and the Vols' offensive line mostly did fine against the monster, but Cody getting through the line to block two field goals was as huge as Cody himself and cemented Cody's position in 'Bama's legion of lore.

Best pancake. Several linemen, including Cory Sullins, getting Mt. Cody on his butt on a quick snap QB sneak.

Best sack hit. Eric Berry on Greg McElroy early in the game. Crunch Berry absolutely blew him up from the weak side.

Player of the Game, offense. Jonathan Crompton, who went 21-37 for 265 yards with one TD and one INT, all against Alabama's "QB-Killer Defense."

Best foot. Leigh Tiffin's, which hit four field goals, including one from 49 and one from 50, both of which barely cleared the crossbar.

Best play, defense. Either Dennis Rogan's or Eric Berry's strip of the ball from Mark Ingram and the subsequent victory in the dog pile to come out with the thing, too. Berry's credited with both, but wasn't it actually Rogan?

Best play, offense. Jonathan Crompton to Gerald Jones for the late TD to bring the score to within two points, although I'm kinda fond of Crompton to Luke Stocker to set up the last field goal attempt. That there was a purty throw and catch.

Best play, special teams. Tennessee's onsides kick, coached and executed brilliantly, with Rogan knocking Julio Jones out of the play so that the ball would bounce again and into the hands of Denarius Moore.

Player of the game, defense. Dennis Rogan, who had six tackles, a tackle for loss, two pass breakups, the great hit on the onsides kick, and, I think, the forced fumble and recovery. Nice game for that guy.

Best quote. Monte Kiffin, who said all of the following on Sunday's Lane Kiffin Show. (Yes, I have to use some all caps because that's the way the man talks.)

Well, it's about winning the game now. And when you win . . . OH, THAT'D BEEN HISTORY, HUH?

* * * *

We about had 'em. Oh, shoot.

* * * *

It's not about grandchildren, it's not about my son, I LOVE IT HERE. I DIDN'T COME HERE TO GET EXPERIENCE FOR THE NFL, I WAS THERE 25 YEARS.

* * * *

(Paraphrasing) I was confused and thought the first four games were preseason games and that the Florida game didn't count.

What'd I miss?