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Tennessee-Auburn post game awards

I'm actually vacationing at a conference this week, so this edition of the post-game awards will have to be a group effort. A few to get you started:

  • Best hire. Gene Chizik, who hired Gus Malzahn.
  • Best offense. Gus Malzahn's, which often looked like a variety pack of trick plays. A reverse looked normal. And does it work? Oh yeah, it works. When you put up 459 yards on Monte Kiffin, you're doing something right.
  • Worst offense. That'd be ours, which gained 314 yards. Fun fact: our passing game gained more yards (259) than the running game did (151). Huh, looking back, we did that against Ohio, too, although not to the same degree. Just think what we could do with consistent accuracy at QB and consistent hands at receiver.
  • Best dreaming. Me, for the above statement.
  • Player of the game, offense. Montario Hardesty, who rushed 21 times for 90 yards and a TD and caught three balls for 56 yards and a TD.
  • Player of the game, defense. Rico McCoy, who had 16 tackles (10 solo), one pass breakup, and one forced fumble.

Gotta run. Whatcha got?