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BlogPoll Ballot Draft Week 5: Waiting on Colley

WARNING:  The ballot is not even a complete first draft yet: Colley has not updated his strength of schedules for the week (and is inordinately late so far); this is a metric that the computer needs, as it's the second most important criteria.  Here's the roughy-rough, but I will post a new draft as soon as I can.  A few changes to expect follow after the jump.

  • Iowa should drop, and probably quite significantly.  Right now, they're surviving off of a very high strength of schedule that doesn't know about Arkansas State.
  • Ditto for Penn State, as Illinois is a real anchor so far.
  • Miami should climb quite a ways, and Oklahoma should squeak back into the polls as well.  Both will see SoS bumps, and Oklahoma is on the outside at the moment.  Not that they have room to complain at 2-2.
  • Southern Cal will rise, but California won't make it.  Besides the two losses, they're crippled by lackluster defense.
  • Auburn should rise as their formerly horrid SoS metric (seriously) will likely rise with Tennessee.  It'll still be well below average, but they don't need much to climb a few spots where they should be.
  • I don't know about South Carolina.  Their SoS will nosedive after playing South Carolina State, but there is a gap between them and falling out of the polls.

Hopefully, the SoS will get included shortly and I can get a more workable draft out.  If not, we'll start from here and make massive overrides to cobble the ballot into something reasonable.  That's you, y'all.