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WVLT reports Brandon Warren suspended for the season

UPDATE 6:03 PM - KNS citing Lane Kiffin, says Warren has been dismissed from the program.

No official confirmation and lots of additional rumors at this point, but Knoxville CBS affiliate WVLT is reporting that Vols WR Brandon Warren has been suspended for the remainder of the 2009 season, citing one of Warren's family members.  Warren is a local product of Alcoa High School.

Erin Andrews reported that Warren was involved in a sideline altercation with receivers coach Frank Wilson last night, but nothing more has been said at this point.  Updates on this story as we get them...

(h/t to BeantownVol for for FanPosting this)

UPDATE 4:59 PM - Brent Hubbs and are now confirming the story, with some additional information.  For now, this is a free link to their info.

UPDATE 6:59 PM - Once more from VolQuest, though this is a pay link.  In short, Warren apparently threw his helmet on the sideline during the exchange with Frank Wilson, but Kiffin said Warren's dismissal was not based on that one incident, but the famous "conduct detrimental to the team" that probably encompasses all of the reasons he was in Kiffin's doghouse to begin with.  Kiffin also made a point to separate Warren's incident from Gerald Jones' outburst against Ohio.