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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Georgia Hail Mary Haiku

Cast your vote for the best Hail Mary Haiku of the week. The entries that survived yesterday's whittling are re-published below the jump.

Without quarterbacks,
opposing offenses are
due for a slapfight.

by rustytanton

let’s pray for clear skies
sun bad for ginger ninja
turn house lights on, too

by thetennesseethumper

The Bulldogs can dream
Herchel Walker thirty four
To hell with Georgia

by bsdeca

Dear Vick, too bad you
cant return to NCAA, because you know
a little something about dawg abuse

RIP Steve McNair (1973 - 2009) Retire #9!
Member of the Committee to Keep Keith Bulluck.
Eric Berry for Heisman!!

by Pride of the Southland

Watching Georgia lose
Is as enjoyable as
Watching the Vols win.

by birdjam

Florida Defense
And our 4th Quarter Offense
Sends the Vols bowling.

by bobo_the_vol

Tackling. Catching. Fire.
Good QB. These make good teams.
Let’s be one this week.

by Incipient_Senescence

Stephens, wanna play?
Need to shave signs of ginger.
It works for Joe Cox.

by ChattVol

Vols’Dogs or Dogs’Vols?
Outcome depends on O-Play
Or we clone EB

by Aerobab

Just an ol sweet song,
Keeps Georgia on my mi-nd….
Heck with it – BEAT DOGS!

by ttocswob

Orange stuck in Oz
Click the hob nail boots three times
There’s no place like home

by Joel