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Janzen Jackson and Mike Edwards released from custody, Vols still gathering info

In his usual post-practice session with the media late this afternoon, Lane Kiffin offered no new information on the arrests of Nu'Keese Richardson, Mike Edwards and Janzen Jackson, echoing athletic director Mike Hamilton's comments from earlier today that the program will wait until all the details are clear before acting on suspensions or dismissals.

As we noted in the previous post, WBIR of Knoxville has spoken with Janzen Jackson's lawyer, who claims his client's innocence.  Jackson was released on his own recognizance, and WBIR is also reporting that Mike Edwards has been released.

Adding to the strange factor of the day's events, WATE rounds out the local affiliate coverage with an interview with one of the victims, Corey B. Zickefoose, age 20, who says the players should remain on the team.  WVLT first broke the story early this morning.

Janzen Jackson seems to be the focal point at the moment, as investigators try to determine his exact involvement.  Jimmy Hyams of The Sports Animal opened Sports Talk today by reporting that Jackson was inside the Pilot when the events first took place, raising some questions about whether Jackson was in on the attempted robbery or in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As always, we'll continue to update information as we get it.