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Evening Games and Open Discussion Thread

It's been a while since we've had an early game, so we're not exactly used to having games after the Vols play.  If you're still watching, feel free to give us some thoughts.  Also feel free to exhale about the Tennessee Volunteers loss some more if you haven't already done so.  Just remember:  it's never a good idea to go to bed angry.

Also on tap is the Auburn Tigers / Georgia Bulldogs tilt, which has huge implications for Tennessee's divisional standings:  a loss by Georgia re-establishes Tennessee in the driver's seat for second place - a feat that very few people thought was possible at the beginning of the season.

Other topics:

  • Upsets.  What are your thoughts on USC or Houston?
  • Bowl Standings.  Where do you see Tennessee going?  What about the rest of the SEC?
  • BlogPoll Rankings.  How do you see teams moving?  Which teams will give the computers problems?