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Post-game awards: Tennessee Volunteers at Ole Miss Rebels

Worst where'd-the-wind-go. The first failed fourth down conversion, with the Vols down 21-17 and driving with momentum in their sails. After that, we punted, had a field goal blocked, and failed on another fourth down conversion while Ole Miss scored four additional touchdowns.

Biggest skeptic. Me, when Kiffin said that the team wasn't distracted because when you see a team that's distracted, you see a team that's not ready to play and a team that gets blown out early, and "that wasn't the case at all." Maybe not blown out early, but McCluster certainly blew through early and often.

Best continuation of an argument. Lane Kiffin, who said that the defense simply missed Janzen Jackson that much, because the Tennessee was, prior to the last weeks, No. 1 in the country in least explosive plays given up, and "that was because the guy back there in the middle third hardly every missed a play." Maybe he has a point.

Worst start, I. Tennessee's special teams, who pushed the opening kickoff out of bounds.

Worst start, II. Tennessee's defense, who let Ole Miss take the opening drive 60 yards in four plays in 1:31 for a TD.

Best sack. Ben Martin on a stunt to swallow up Jevan Snead, driving him back into Chris Walker, who was rushing from the other side.

Best coverage. Dennis Rogan, who, on one of Tennessee's early punts, beat everyone down the field and perfectly timed a perfect tackle.

Best run, I. Montario Hardesty, who navigated dense traffic at the line, hurdled over a grounded defender beyond the line, stiff-armed another defender in the secondary, and absorbed a late hit out of bounds for a bonus 15 yards on to what would have been a 23-yard run.

Best potential tongue-biting. Kiffin, who said of McCluster's second touchdown that what we all thought was partially due to a blatant holding penalty that wasn't called, "We've got perimeter issues there as you can see." I don't think this was a veiled shot at the officials, but the beauty of it is that it could be construed that way.

Worst defense. Ours, on McCluster. Pick a play.

Silverest lining. Jonathan Crompton, who went 20-37 for 176 yards and two TDs.

Best second wind. Tennessee, behind David Oku's 41-yard kickoff return to start the second half.

Best trick play. Crompton to Gerald Jones for 14 yards on the first drive of the second half. Crompton faked a hand off to the right, then turned and threw to a wide open Jones on the other side of the field. Where's the trick? Jones got so open by falling down on purpose during the fake handoff.

Worst stall, I. Tennessee's first drive of the second half, which ended with a field goal to make it 21-17 instead of what might have been 21-21.

Best play, defense. Wes Brown, who refused to go down on a cut block and intercepted an attempted screen pass from Jevan Snead, giving the Vols field position, momentum, and a shot at a 24-21 lead.

Best block. Crompton, on a reverse to Jones. Crompton sent the first defender to sniff out the play and start chasing Jones sideways cartwheeling through the air.

Worst stall, II. Tennessee's next drive, which ended on the 37-yard line when the Vols failed to convert on fourth and four.

Best quote, I. Kiffin: "Yeah that was a first for me. I've never thrown a screen and lost ten yards before."

Worst I'm-not-surpised. Daniel Lincoln's blocked field goal attempt from 45 in the fourth quarter.

Worst way to silence the home crowd. Having LaMarcus Thompson carried off the field on a stretcher.

Best quote, II. Kiffin again, who responded to the fan-submitted question of what adjustments one can make against someone like Dexter McCluster by saying that they're sending him to the NFL next year.

Best play, offense. Crompton's TD to Denarius Moore, down the middle and over two defenders.

Player of the game, offense. Crompton, see Silverest lining.

Player of the game, defense. Dan Williams, who had nine tackles (four solo) and two tackles for losses.

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