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Around the SB Nation: the emperor wears split pants


  • A Sea of Blue, on Kentucky's last-second victory over Miami of Ohio last night:

    I think ... no, I am absolutely positive that John Calipari learned far more than the team did tonight.  He not only learned about the team, but about himself.  Calipari has approached this season a bit like an emperor who has the favor of the people -- a man who not only expects to succeed, but darn well knows he will.

    Oh, Coach Cal has been humble in person, and dutifully warned us that the team will look ugly at first, but all that pretense has not been able to hide the mien of an emperor.  I'd be willing to bet he doesn't feel much like an emperor right now.


  • According to Carolina March, the Tar Heels' 88-77 win over Valparaiso showed that North Carolina was "not ready for the national stage," but fortunately, "[t]hey've got until Thursday to fix that."
  • Michigan State blog The Only Colors and Gonzaga blog The Slipper Still Fits do a bit of tag-teaming in previewing tonight's game between the Spartans and the Bulldogs.