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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Vandy Hail Mary Haiku

Cast your vote for the winner of this week's Hail Mary Haiku. Those that survived yesterday's whittling are re-published after the jump.

if the ’dores beat us
I will do something crazy
and get arrested

by kidbourbon

Blackout and bailout
Black and Gold falls in a rout
Bowl-bound turnabout

by ttocswob

Let’s win out and go
Music City Bowling in
House that Vanderbilt

by birdjam

my haiku is great
you´re haiku is not so great
Vandy sucks Vols rule

by PdxVol

Which coach has two thumbs,
hopes Notre Dame hires Johnson?
Spurrier: this guy.

by rustytanton

My alma mater
Used to be good, but no more
Vols vanquish Vandy

by VolnVA