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Tennessee Lady Vols vs. Virginia Lady Cavaliers: 4 PM EST Today!

 Position Name  Experience  Height PPG RPG APG
lady vols logo Angie Bjorklund  Jr  6-0 13.5 2.5 2.0
Taber Spani  Fr  6-1 10.0 5.0 1.5
Glory Johnson  So  6-3 13.0 6.3 0.0
G-F  Shekinna Stricklen  So  6-2 20.5 10.5 5.0
Kelley Cain  So  6-6 11.0 7.5 1.5
virginia logo G Monica Wright Sr 6-0 21.5 5.0 4.0
F Chelsea Shine Fr 5-6 15.7 8.7 1.3
C Simone Egwu Fr 5-8 11.0 6.0 0.7
G Whitney Edwards Sr 5-11 8.0 5.7 1.3
G China Crosby So 6-3 6.7 2.7 2.0

Audio:  Lady Vols Radio;  Live State:  Virginia Sports;  TV:  NONE  (One of only two non-televised games this year!)

The Tennessee Lady Vols visit the Virginia Lady Cavaliers in UT's second game against a ranked opponent of the young season.  Having passed the Britney Griner test at home, then having picked up a road win in San Antonio against Texas Tech, the Ladies now look to win on the road against #12 Virginia.

On offense, Tennessee will have a significant height advantage - Virginia's tallest starter is 6'3" Simone Egwu  and will match up against 6'-6" Kelley Cain.  Their tallest player overall is 6'-4" Erinn Thompson, and both Egwu and Thompson are freshmen.  Look for the Lady Vols to feed Cain, Glory Johnson, and Shekinna Stricklen in the interior, then play their devastating inside-outside game.

On defense, Virginia will try to play quickly, using their shortness as an agility advantage.  Their perimeter play has them with a 3-0 record so far, with comfortable wins against lesser competition.  Watch Monica Wright; the 6'-0" senior guard is the centerpiece to Virginia's offense and will require constant attention.  Tennessee will play man defense (as Summitt prefers), so Virginia's speed will put the Lady Vols' endurance to the test.  Full-court pressure may be heavily utilized by Summitt, particularly on inbounds attempts after free throws.

Because this game is not televised, any comments will be based on the audio only.  So consider this the most informal and sparse of threads.  Go Ladies!